Finishing a degree on time

The Law of Attraction—A photo of the UP Oblation wearing the Sablay (UP Graduation Garb) with the text "May 8, 2010," the date of UPOU's Commencement Exercises.

The Law of Attraction—A photo of the UP Oblation wearing the Sablay (UP Graduation Garb) with the text "May 8, 2010," the date of UPOU's Commencement Exercises.

Honestly, I don’t know anymore what to post here. So, my dear readers, I urge you to comment or e-mail me on what topics regarding distance education are you interested about. I need your inputs! I’ll try my best respond to them through a blog post.

What’s happening on my part of the world? Well, the first semester has just ended and I’m a bit worried about some of the courses I took this semester. I’m not that confident about my grades, especially in Humanities 1. I really don’t care about the numerical grade. What I want is to pass every course I take/taking/took. But, I’m really happy that my grade in Mathematics 11 (College Algebra) is actually good. No, I’m not a Math Genius. My grades in other courses I took during the previous semesters weren’t that bad, either.

I’m actually aiming to finish my Associate in Arts (AA) degree next semester. Actually, I lack only 12 units of General Education courses, 2 units of Physical Education and 3 units of National Training Service Program. Hopefully, I get to finish and pass all my courses. I’m nervous and worried because I really want to finish my degree on time. I’ve been doing my best to excel in each course that I take. But, I can only do so much. For the past semesters, I’ve been exceeding the allowable number of units per semester just so I can finish my degree on time. I really exerted a lot of my time, effort, energy, and even money so I can graduate soon—it even killed my social life.

However, there are things in life that one can’t really control.

But, as I’ve said, I can only do so much. I believe that I’ve done my best to fulfill my responsibilities and obligations as a student. I’ve been going the extra mile. If I will graduate on May 8, 2010, then, so be it.

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  1. hi,

    Does Mindanao State University offers online degrees? I checked their website but it’s not updated. Please help.

  2. Rey, I wish I could help you but I don’t have any idea whether Mindanao State University offers online degree programs. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  3. I was admitted to the UPOU’s AA program, but I think it’s too expensive, so I did not push througfh with it.

  4. @Noel, I’m so sorry to hear that. Have you tried asking about UPOU’s scholarship and financial aid programs? They have lots last time I checked.

  5. Hi, I am Charlie and want to talk about distance education in Phils. I am from Canada. Thanks.

  6. Hi,
    Im in the usa right now & i just want to know if i am also allowed to take the AA or do u have a degree course for a HS graduate or i have to take AA 1st b4 i can take a degree course?
    What are the requirements needed for me to be accepted coz i cant really go home for until 2020. Im a filipino citizen still is is possible to be admitted even if i camt go home for a long time. thanks & more power i really want to contuniue my studies even if im too far & my dream to be a UP Grad too.

  7. @lynn yes AA is for HS graduates. You could also try applying for the BAMS program if you meet the requirements regarding work experience. Application for Admission can be filed via snail mail. Visit for more information or email

  8. hi there. normally, without taking summer classes, how long will it take for me to finish AA? if i’m already done with AA and pursues BAMS how long will it take for me to finish the latter?


  9. @Joey: you have to totally plan the subjects you have to take based on the curriculum. Sometimes subjects are offered only either the 1st or 2nd sem. Jeric was able to finish AA in two years plus summer courses. When to finish the course depends also on your pace in studying, there are so many reading assignments, you will be an independent learner. hope this helps. For more information email


    To whom it may concern,

    Last August 13, 2011, I took UGAT and fortunately, with God’s help, I passed it as I have read the results posted in UPOU Website. In the first place, I am trying to communicate to those who were to passed or still studying the AA. Unfortunately, I tried to reach them yet I failed. So, instead of asking the people who haven’t had a professional authority to explain what AA’s like; I rather e-mailed the UPOU amazing staffs. For months before I took UGAT, I am determined to be a distance learner, more or so, successfully. But, I don’t know how to finish it in the easiest way, others can say that in order for you to succeed, you need a lot of patience, sweat, prayer and faith in the Above. Although, I am convinced to listen carefully to others’ advices, I wanna show in my own way that I was more competent and persistent about finishing it easier and faster. Thus, I am not a working student and I’m just gonna do at home is to study. So, why not focus myself to study longer and quicker with my full-time advantage, anyway? This is my first freshman year to be in college without any tour what college freshman year’s all about; just a bit-intro mode by the UPOU faculty about AA. While most of my former elementary and high school friends and classmates were there to undergo; I am here in this situation. I wanna fulfill as well the Bachelor’s degree and I have a dream to do it younger. You know, there’s a lot of advantage being younger and while being older is still good, I have my choice, I have my dream and it is to finish younger. I just asked the UP-Diliman faculty about the plan of finishing the AA and continue the bachelor’s degree course I chose. I am frustrated, I need to take a lot more years when most of my colleagues were already GRADUATES. And, for these, I need your big help! Foremost, I wanna ask, are there any more ways to finish the degree rather than to take it in a maximum load of 12 units per semester? Kindly explain about all those subjects, I always visit the UPOU AA Webpage but I didn’t understand. We went to UP Faculty too but we’re still confuse. We’re too shy to ask for more than twice. Please help in order for us not to pay wrongly. You know? It’s quite hard to refund the fees and make a lot of mistakes. So, kindly give me some advice what will I do, I wanna take a Film course but most of the Film courses didn’t have the same subjects like AA. How many will be credited?


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